The beautiful man

The beautiful man

Block Library

Several of you have suggested it would help to know what shapes of blocks we have in case customers need something specific, so here is my block library.

5 piece No 36

Victorian riding hat no.61

Turban no.57

1950's no.56

Ridged dome No.63

plain dome 21 and half no66

flat cap no.43

flat top dome no.4

round cloche 22.5in No.67

men's crown no.24

trilby  no.54

mans' crown no.49

22in ridged crown No3

Ladies' Pork Pie no.25

Ridged Juliet Cap no.10

round pill box no.21

Long oval pill box No.45

1950's bomb shape no.15

basic dome 22.5 No.6

21.5 dolly head no.5

dolly head 21n no.53

long sloped brim No.95

ridged brim No.90

Mushroom No.83

sloped small brim has fitted crown for cloche. No.84

small up turned no.80

Breton No.75

Assymetric up turn no 75

Large down turn brim no.70

Bowler No.92

Small Asymmetric brim no.77

cloche brim no.79

cloche brim no.88

ribbon block

small brim no.73

ring block no.50

coolie block no.93

hat stands

bowler brim no.69

23in dome no.20

trilby no.27

Fedora no.28

ridged dome no.52

Mourning topper brim

1950's ridged block no.1

Large sloped brim no.33

23 dolly head no.35

man's crown no.57

ribbon block

22in shaped crown no.17

witch cone no.47

Large round crown no.39

flat topped crown no.29

large double brim

Man's crown no.18

bomb block no.19

Round crown has matching brim no.48

5 part topper 22.5 no.60

flat beret no.14

crown no.59

small topper brim no.82

23in crown no.46

5 part cap no.42

ridged bomb block no.30

mushroom block no91

large asymmetric no.96

large mushroom no.97

22in narrow crown no.16

19in crown no.3

ridged crown  no.83

plain brim

man's brim no.78

Asymmetric brim no.57

plain brim no.52

cloche brim no.50

cloche brim

small down turn brim no.58

F.Fox upturned topper brim no.47

5 part block no.43

F.Fox Lady Di block no.28

F.Fox Air steward crown no.35

5 part mushroom

5 part mushroom

23in topper no.40

simple 22in crown no.61

large beret no.36

F.Fox ridged crown no.42

plain dome no.41

F.Fox owl block no.13

pixie dome 22in no17

cap like bomb no.65

21in pill box no.45

Large asymmetric brim no.66

1950's Dior shape no.67

22.5in round tip dome no.14

22.5 multi block

23in multi block with  cloche brim

juliet cap no.33

100mm-150mm button blocks

tear and heart block no.39 and 74

beret no.62


tricorn no.6


pork pie no.77

ridged round brim no.78

large beret no.79

swirled down brim no.80

22in dome no.82

flat cap

21 poupee

large bowler brim no.72

Sloped flat top no.32

large pointed 1960's bomb shape no.46

asymmetric brim no.16

asymmetric brim no.16

bowler brim

stetson no.89

stetson no.89

trilby brim no.6

man's brim no.5

Man's brim no.4

man's brim no.94

man's brim no.1

F.Fox trilby crown no.29

melon block no.84