The beautiful man

The beautiful man

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Hat Competition

Yes you have all seen this hat before but as a competition came up that is to be judged at the Great Yorkshire Show and will feature hats in a calendar to promote a charity to raise awareness of Brain Tumours, I had to make myself enter. This is my favourite hat and I love wearing it and it makes me feel glamorous and enigmatic which was what the competition was asking for - Forties Glamour. I posted it off. Just heard that I am in the final 12 to be shown at Yorkshire Show on Monday 11th. It will be lovely to go to the Yorkshire Show and observe as opposed to work back stage dressing!

Testing Time

The title is true in so many ways, from working out how to get your plinths down and up two flights of stairs with no lift access, waiting for the AV store to open, sourcing display furniture, never mind the horror of working out what items to bare your soul with. I think i have felt sick all day...... The technicians as ever were fantastic in their help and guidance into getting the right equipment even when it involved borrowing without asking?

Anyway I still have quite a bit more to do before my first crit on Friday so here are my initial phases of work on the walls and I still have a film to do. Any thoughts or comments greatly appreciated.

The working title at the moment is 'How do they make it that cheap?' but this may change. Just looking at the photos I have been umming and aaghing as to whether to include the shirt from last stage I think its better removed.

Sunday, 26 June 2011

A few highlights of MMU shows

MA work

Testing time is nearly upon me and I am in a spin trying to see if work will be viable and how best to put forward my ideas on fast fashion, 1850's needlewoman in contrast to 2011 sweat shops and lack of conscious purchases.

jeans in 15 minutes
6 hour shift -24 pairs of jeans
sampling dress ideas

Raiding my 1980's storage box interesting that all the garments that I had kept were "Made in England'
Still no solutions or any thoughts as to what I will put up on Wednesday still looking for divine inspiration or a clear head!

Sunday, 19 June 2011

A different way to look at your wardrobe

In the west every man, woman and child acquires 55 kilos of new textiles a year.

A pair of jeans is expected to be completed in 15 minutes by a person in the far east for purchase in our world of fast fashion.

Trying to create my wardrobe into letters.....

Design4Life revisited

You may remember me being involved in the V&A's design 4 life project, which was a fantastic initiative and experience. I was thrilled to see the results of another project in te series exhibiting their outcomes at MMU's Special Collections. Claire Norcross lighting designer who had worked for Habitat worked with the special collection and a local school used it as their starting point to design lighting. A great collection of work is exhibited. Illustrating yet again what an inspirational project the design for life was and created such exciting possibilities for design education in schools.

Huddersfield Shows

I found this really humorous
stunning use of the laser cutter as a design tool

reflective tartan
I hadn't visited the shows in Huddersfield before so was intrigued as to the work that I would see. There was a great range of graphics, illustration and advertising work. I really enjoyed a wide selection of the Fine Art work and appreciated that there was a blurb to let me know what the work was about which there wasn't at LCA which always makes me feel very ignorant and unsure of how to react! The textile and textile craft work had some really shining stars I loved all the tweed in particular and the stop motion film about dementia was poignant and beautiful. Well worth a visit.
bones in resin

rubber bands on wood

The Collections

Helene has had a tougher time on the HNC than most traveling from North Wales, having a range of health and financial issues yet always resolute and passionate about millinery and getting the most out of every day. I am thrilled that she has been awarded a grant from the Arts Council to develop a collection around country pursuits and research the history of millinery with a view to creating a book.

Marisa has also had a tough journey through the HNC she is an incredibly talented designer and milliner who is a true perfectionist in achieving the best finish at all times in all the work she does. This proved highly effective last year when she achieved 2nd prize in the Feltmakers competition. Her final collection shows a highly innovative use of felt, leather and perspex to create strak graphic headwear.

The Collections

The photos don't do justice to Susanne's collection they are better on the human head and her pieces using the skull and the ram's horn really look stunning on the head especially in her collaborative work with a student from the fashion course. Ginger Nut Millinery is one to watch out for hats for that certain occasion at any time of year using the best of materials.

Another milliner to keep an eye on for the future wherever her pathway takes her be it design or making or promoting others. Jill comes from a degree in sociology but her creativity is exceptional in design and manufacture. The collection was entered into the Hat designer of the Year and she has reached the semi finals so far so fingers crossed for future success and her hats may get to paris.