The beautiful man

The beautiful man

Monday, 11 January 2010

More snow

Am definitely feeling a little stir crazy being inside for a week, well i have been out walking but nothing really exciting and I don't seem to be achieving the level of workload expected!! but I did do another powerpoint on design which was useful now I just have to write up the research project on the Bankfield hats.

I have started to block the hats for Lotherton and Platt so that feels a little more productive also going through creating some trims ad looking at the idea of creating an ebook or something to enable others to follow the techniques, knowing me I will just let everyone share them.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Platt Hall

Just before Christmas i was lucky enough to visit behind the scenes of Platt Hall, Manchester and not only swoon amongst the boxes in the attic, want to live in the OPIA room and see some stunning wirework hats from the 20th Century. A day so inspiring that it left me speechless, well thats actually not totally true....

trying to sketch

Snow Day

The First

Finally I have made the time to tackle the IT stuff, thank goodness for snow days!

I am developing several lines of enquiry at the moment and trying to make sense of them. I have hats to make for Lotherton Hall and Platt Hall with deadlines in February, both linked to historical ideas. Trying to find the direction for my MA is proving elusive, but thoughts of identity and disguise keep re-appearing so that will need some following. Then there is the work that pays the bills, just sorting out my schemes of work, not enough hours in the day.

Developing ways of creating feathers, the shape of feathers that i want to use and how they will sit on the hat form. I had been going down a crow route, and doing drawings from photographs, when I was at the Leeds Archive on monday I got to see an actual crow(well stuffed) in flight and it was huge can't quite see that fitting on a hat and in an exhibition case, so may have to go back to the idea of sparrows!!!