The beautiful man

The beautiful man

Monday, 31 May 2010

Harpers & Queen

After a link from Natalie at the archive I went to visit a lady in Aberford who was moving home and wanted to find someone to cherish her old Vogue and Harpers magazines from the 60's and 70's obviously I was the ideal candidate and filled my boot full to the point where I was unsure that the car would drive safely. They are wonderful. But what was more engaging was the time with Mrs P who was in her 70's and certainly didn't look it, she was so vivacious and highly perceptive on fashion and art i had a really interesting hour with her and would love to meet her again and collect some of her wonderful tales.

Surreal Week

Mad completing of written work.

Ill child.
Ill Adult.
Wetherby Races.............

Our second Yorkshire Post ladies Day at Wetherby with all the 2nd Year HNC students launching their businesses and doing a fashion show. The day went really well and the sun shone which was very different to last year, but the tent was seriously hot and there wasn't the same footfall as last year which was slightly disappointing for the girls, but they mostly seemed to have a good time.

Stress Levels High....

Week of 10th May I had hoped to get the MA work completed and ready for binding, but as ever my time management isn't my strength, and planning seemed to go out of the window. So a mixed week of writing, reading and preparing for the arrival of my External Verifier who was due on the Tuesday, slight panic as I had so little work for her to view and she was new to the course so an unknown commodity is always daunting. The morning went well I think. I hope.....

Then had lunch with the chairman of Christy's hat company which was really interesting and has some potential for work with the students and maybe some consultancy work for me, i am not counting my chickens as you can never tell what someones motives are and I could have given too much information over already. We shall see.
5th May Judging the Revivals Schools Hat Competition with Natalie Raw of Leeds Discovery Centre, Kevin Almond of Huddersfield University and Sherelle Davison. There were over 50 entrants and a lot of work to go through. It was to a really high standard and a good range of ideas and techniques. many had used the techniques we had worked through in the workshops and built on these ideas, which was encouraging. At the end of the morning we had no idea who had won, as the judging of the Wiki site still had to be completed, results announced in june.

Catch Up

The last month has been a real whirlwind of MA work and HNC work so I have been a little tawdry in up dating the blog yet so much has been going on.

Week of the 26th April,  Happy Birthday Kai.

Letter press workshop and cantilever book workshop with Victoria Haire. Both really interesting and will be of use in the work that i wish to do.