The beautiful man

The beautiful man

Monday, 31 May 2010

Stress Levels High....

Week of 10th May I had hoped to get the MA work completed and ready for binding, but as ever my time management isn't my strength, and planning seemed to go out of the window. So a mixed week of writing, reading and preparing for the arrival of my External Verifier who was due on the Tuesday, slight panic as I had so little work for her to view and she was new to the course so an unknown commodity is always daunting. The morning went well I think. I hope.....

Then had lunch with the chairman of Christy's hat company which was really interesting and has some potential for work with the students and maybe some consultancy work for me, i am not counting my chickens as you can never tell what someones motives are and I could have given too much information over already. We shall see.

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