The beautiful man

The beautiful man

Thursday, 30 December 2010

Product or Identity

Looking further at the window displays there is the element of whether it is just a means to show the retailers product as in the past or whether a specific identity is being sold. In the 1980's Gap used this to their benefit as did the new designer jeans. Jack Wills has followed on from this notion and having now seen their store in Exeter as well as Manchester it is a total identity and means of belonging that is being offered.

Jack Wills, Manchester.
Gap, Manchester.
Gent's Outfitters opposite Town Hall.
Though looking at Gap of today and the Gent's Outfitters maybe Jack Wills is combining the two. the nostalgia of past shopping experiences yet displayed for the savvy 21st Century shopper, and again as with Selfridges there is a curatorial approach to display which the Paul Smith empire has also used to profit making success.

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  1. Mmmm, the Jack Wills store in York is similar too. Good excuse for a trip to york??? Assuming you know Paul Smith uses his windows for exhibitions?