The beautiful man

The beautiful man

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Pairings Conference

May 12th and 13th I was fortunate enough to attend the Pairings Conference at MMU's School of Art, the conference was based around the collaborative project that was begun at MMU 2 years ago where artist/tutors from a range of disciplines and other institutions were paired up to develop work towards an exhibition at the University last Summer. I had attended the earlier symposium where the collaborators discussed their experiences and shared the work process and the idea of working partnerships, it had greatly inspired me into whether I could develop any collaborations and whether to take the format into LCA.
The attention to detail by organisers Helen Felsey and Alice Kettle was incredible from the unique name badges to the tote bag with all the information.  There was also The MAP consortium who created a range on interventions to enable collaborations between the attendees and lighten up the conference breaks. This started with us all picking an animal that attracted us and then find the other two people who had the same selection, my fellow panthers were really interesting, something that would normally and did push me right out of my comfort zone was actually really effective.

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