The beautiful man

The beautiful man

Friday, 5 August 2011

Privilege Day 2

During my MA at MMU I have had some interesting tutorials with different members of staff but i have often been reluctant to approach some as they seem far too important to want to talk about my work! It is only as the two years draws to a close that I realise that you rarely get such opportunities so grab them with both hands quickly (wish I had done it sooner to quote another tutor 'Shy bairns get nought') Anyway that rambling way around was to introduce that I had a tutorial with internationally renowned textile artist Alice Kettle yesterday, I was quite nervous but I really needn't have been. As I have seen before the most talented people are invariably the most sharing and generous with thoughts and ideas and indeed she was.
'In the Guise of an Angel' V&A Collections

Alice Kettle
Alice was one of the first textile artists that I encountered when I began this pathway 15 years ago and her work has always fascinated me, when she spoke to the MA group last year about the art commissioning process it was really fascinating and you could see how grueling the work was and is.
The tutorial was very rewarding in the sharing of ideas and inspiration and more importantly she genuinely was interested. So i feel back on track again after my backward mind map highlighted that I needed help it certainly was the case, so i now have some work to complete for the next one in three weeks.

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