The beautiful man

The beautiful man

Saturday, 15 October 2011

20:20 Print

As you may have seen in earlier blogs I attended a collographic print workshop at The Art House Wakefield, I am new to printing, so when invited to take part in the annual Hot Bed Press  20:20 print exchange I was a little worried. But fellow MA colleague and print expert Fiona Wilson suggested that we could do it.... Thankfully the initial deadline which coincided with MA hand ins was changed but true to form the deadline fast approaching meant a morning printing at Fiona's workshop using her mum's flower press (sometimes you need to be inventive). As we hadn't printed for a while it took a little time to get sorted - plates to decide on, paper to soak, ink to prepare,  add felt to press..... Hence we were printing until 2.00pm and we still had to number them, so a quick lunch break and feeling like proper print artists we did the limited edition writing!

a few of the 50 prints we did

Fiona numbering her prints

one of my 25

So the prints will go to The Art House and then to Hot Bed Press to be distributed, a selection to all the not for profit print groups involved in the event and to all who have printed. Very exciting I hope me the amateur printer has met the necessary grade. I enjoy printing and can see the potential so would like to perfect it further.


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