The beautiful man

The beautiful man

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

A Stitch in Time........

I remember a certain sense of surprise and an 'I am not a very good houseperson' when my cousin mentioned her mending basket in conversation. I have a tendency to mend with flurry, just as we were supposed to be on our way school (boys school trouser hems) or even on a train or car on the way there. Not a great advocate of making do and mending. So in light of the new year resolution and a house spring clean I did venture down the mending route, and it was very therapeutic, not least having needle and thread in my hand once more.

More tidying and more running stitch------------

Kantha work 1998

Looking at these I cannot remember what it felt to make them. I did two pieces, the other was made into a cushion and given as a gift. The simple rhythm of the stitch, the fineness of the stitch, the fabric soft and fluid, how many hours did it take? They create new thoughts and reflections.

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