The beautiful man

The beautiful man

Thursday, 18 November 2010


Congratulations to my HNC Millinery students who graduated today, I was like a proud mum (again) for many reasons' knowing how far they had all come, it was the first time we had been allowed to graduate with the other college students and looking at all 332 LCA student being launched into the world. It was also a first for me wearing a gown as I hadn't attended my own graduation, which led to a whole range of other reflective thoughts.

How selfish was I, as the first in the family to go into higher education but not let my parents share that. Looking at all the colours of sashes from each university they definitely should put in the prospectus the colours of the institution it could make a huge difference in ones choice! Pale pink with white fur or pistachio and gold, the options are endless. I did get excited by thoughts of actually attending a graduation if I manage to successfully complete the MA. So really need to get my head together and do some more work...........

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