The beautiful man

The beautiful man

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Ducks in the kitchen

Interesting Saturday morning - two packages from the postman. One - a beautiful vintage Harris Tweed dress that my husband just won for me on ebay. (thank you greatly) Two - a bag of duck wings from my brother, who has just slaughtered some of his flock for the freezer. They are very beautiful, yet the flesh attached definitely confirms my squeamishness and reason I am a veggie! So anyone out there who may have some advice on the best way forward with the excess flesh on the wings as I would like to use the whole wings. they have all been washed and are now in the freezer for de-lousing for a few days. My freezer is now 50:50 frozen food and dead bird remnants mmh.

Makes me have more choices as to where I go next with my MA work, the Ruffled Feather work I began last year when doing the hat for Lotherton hasn't really reached a conclusion and I would like to develop more responses to the ideas of conveying the loss of wildlife and how to we create solutions, yet the needlewoman idea also has me captivated.  Time for some reflective journal work i think.

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  1. Love the feathers - but want to see the dress too!! Also fairly jeolous of both acquisitions!