The beautiful man

The beautiful man

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Sue Lawty

I attended the Creative Networks talk at Leeds College of Art on Thursday by artist Sue Lawty. I have met Sue a few times before and she is such an inspiring woman with her work, her approach to work and her calmness and willingness to share ideas and thoughts.  The aim of the talk was to present her World Beach Project which is in collaboration with the V&A, a virtual exhibition housed within a National Museum.

The blog "Concealed, Discovered, Revealed" documents Sue's work with the V&A from her first commissioned exhibition work to the World Beach work
"In the studio I like to be free to work intuitively - feeling my way inch by inch - making decisions based on what has been laid down previously. It’s very much a two way process - a dialogue between the artist and the work.
This apparent spontaneity is based upon years of experience and research - drawing, written and visual notes, photography, sampling, making and just looking - trying to develop a critical understanding of what it is I’m doing.
My work is abstract. It is informed by the land - most particularly by rock for it’s embodiement of time and structure. And it is informed through the study of textile - looking at qualities of texture, material, rhythm and most importantly - structure.
I am passionate about both. Both inform each other. Another dialogue.
My work in room 101 at the V&A is merely a point thirty years into a journey of discovery - destination unknown."

I had heard of the project  when doing a workshop with Sue at Bankfield Museum so up loaded my own images of Agsie drawing with stones on Tralee beach, Argyll.

The Victoria and Albert Museum site is brilliant in the way it shows the possibilities of a virtual gallery and how to engage a wide audience to contribute and share the possibilities of creativity and drawing with and within nature. So if you happen to be on a beach add another mark to the Victoria and Albert map.

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