The beautiful man

The beautiful man

Sunday, 10 July 2011

lots of opinions and a slightly fogged me!

So testing time concluded on Friday with a presentation from past MMU MA graduates about the paths that they had taken, which was highly illuminating if not daunting that fingers crossed 4,000 words and 12 weeks later I too will have completed my MA how did two years disappear and still not totally sure what I am doing. I suppose more fool me for thinking that that could be the goal of an MA - to sort your brain out- wrong it just adds a few more layers of confusion though all very interesting.

I ended my crit week with one delivered by the Fina Art tutor and Fine Art Curator at the Whitworth and it was highly illuminating as they had such a different approach and way of looking at all the work in comparison to the other tutors i had engaged with during the process from a mix of disciplines.

So they loved the glove: which for this crit i had left pretty much on its own with the needlewoman cut fabric.

Most people got the range of narratives I was exploring and they concluded that what was key was for me to consolidate which was what I knew, I just needed to see if what I was creating had any resonance with others. Interesting that most prefer not to have the text and that they want to solve the conundrum of the work. Which as I am often the opposite I realise that a lot of that comes from the length of time one is immersed in  a world. So lots to think of and experiments to conclude, more importantly a week off soon to crack on with the writing.......

glove in situ

needle guillotine

different sequence ideas- i think i will scrap this work.


  1. So many amazing ideas - tricky to choose one to continue with :)

  2. hahaha flattery won't get you anywhere I just think of Melanie or Janet's faces and realise I have sooooo far to go.....