The beautiful man

The beautiful man

Friday, 1 July 2011

Silent Crit

Another mad dash into Manchester to complete work setting up before crits began at 10am. That ominous sick feeling was present, even though I had  plan to put work up and get the projector. My first crit group was to be led by Joe McCulloch the Head of Design at MMU, I had already decided to go for a silent crit - this is where you do not introduce your work but allow the rest of the group to discuss their reaction, its quite daunting but enables you to actually see if your work is saying what you hoped it will!

So this was the array of work that i presented under my theme 'How do they make it so cheap?' I had completed some other pieces yesterday, though still have a lot more bubbling in my brain, my task is to keep it under control!

So the comments-"this makes me feel claustrophobic, uncomfortable and there is an undercurrent of darkness, questioning the work of makers, possibly those in the Far East'

'An interesting narrative, but I wasn't sure what. Made me ask lots of questions'

'There seem to be a lot of issues being discussed possible as undercurrents to the main theme, so there seems to be a narrative on sweat shops, the value of work/craft, craft as a feminist activity'

So they seemed to have read the work as the starting point that I had begun my research, phew. It was very hard not to speak and not to justify my work, and be self-deprecating about it. it was very useful. Next one Monday.

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