The beautiful man

The beautiful man

Sunday, 4 March 2012

The Family in British Art

The Millennium Galleries present exhibition is all around images of the family addressing a myriad of issues from inheritance, identity to what we consider as home. There is an eclectic mix of artists and I enjoyed the curation of the work. Many favourite pieces so here is a snapshot of those that inspired me to write notes.
Mary Kelly Postpartum Documents 1978
John Singer Sargent - The Vickers Sisters

 The sister in white looked particularly like the milliner Claire Spooner

Martin Parr - Last Resort Series

"We are surrounded by pictures of propaganda. Even a family album is carefully edited so that any dysfunction is nor shown. I am only interested in showing the world as it is." M Parr
How do we judge these children? Are we right to do so?

House of Thorns - Alice Maher (image from the artist's website
I particularly liked the Alice Maher piece, an artist whose work I hadn't seen before whom I wish to explore further.

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