The beautiful man

The beautiful man

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Wear a Hat Day

When I read in the Hat Magazine that Brain Tumour Research were planning a Wear a Hat Day to raise awareness and funds on the 30th march it was too good an opportunity to miss. Especially as my HNC Millinery students were booked for that day at Wetherby Racecourse to do some pre event PR for their May Ladies day enterprise event. So with the help of the very gifted and talented Visual Communication student Vicky at Leeds College of Art a poster was made to generate some interest for a hat wearing day at the college on the 27th. As it was the first of its kind I was wary about the level of interest, but was pleasantly surprised, we raised over £140 and many took part.
Linda on reception.

As several of my millinery students were at Grazia office hoping to be selected by the lovely milliners Stephen Jones and Philip Treacy as the next new thing, I was fortunate to have the wonderful help of my past students Marie Kay and Beth Hirst and my colleague Sue Carter at Wetherby racecourse on the 30th march.

Sue, Beth & Marie

We had a brilliant day and heard lots of heart rending stories of people who had been affected by the illness, which puts things into perspective. Great fun choosing the best ladies and mens' hat for the day. Margaret who works at the race course had created a Pie and Peas hat from salt dough and blu-tack brilliant and David had been made to wear his ladies hat, he seemed comfortable in it. We raised over £700 thanks to the wonderful racegoers and the brilliant Michelle and Ben at the racecourse.

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