The beautiful man

The beautiful man

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

And the Winner is......Feltmakers 2012

So the wonderful judges at the Feltmakers Guild met together to peruse this year's selection of felt hats on the 26th April. The winners were announced a few days later. So it is much congratulations to new college on the block Waltham Forest CLASS who with just their short evening class, which only started last September managed to scoop up first and third prize. This is really heartening for the millinery industry considering that our courses are being hit so severely with recent changes to education funding.

At Leeds College of Art Rosie Totiah won the craftsmanship prize which was well deserved. I hope you enjoy perusing the Leeds entries as I am sure you can see it was a tough decision for the judges as there are some really exciting entries and I look forward to seeing the finalists on the Feltmakers web site. Well i have just clicked the link and the winners are there I look forward to your thoughts.

Rosanna Totiah- Craftsmanship Award

Marie Hennessey-Halewood

Nicola Sykes

Susan Wood

Caroline Bedford

Aimee Fawcett

Debbie Lough

Jemima Robinson

Emily Ellwood
Margaret Woodliff-Wright
A few extra pictures so you can see different angles.


  1. Indeed a very talented group of future milliners

  2. Fabulous work- must be that wonderful Millinery Tutor they have there :)

  3. Yes the wonderful Sue Carter did a brilliant job whilst I was away