The beautiful man

The beautiful man

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Shock, Horror - I actually made a hat!

Not one but two in fact.

A very good friend phoned a few weeks ago to say they had a family wedding and was there a chance I may have some hats? Needless to say I have rather a lot, mostly ex competition hats and lost of demo hats for my teaching. So after a fun hour of trying on hat and laughing quite a lot,( bringing back memories of teenage afternoons in the local department store trying on hats) I offered to make her daughter and her a hat each to match their outfits. A great way to get me back making hats, as I think I often forget that that was what inspired me, one becomes so embroiled in everything else...

Client 1: 21 year old. very gorgeous, sharp well tailored vibrant cerise dress, a little daunted by the prospect of wearing a hat and standing out too much.

Simple button with ribbon trim (thank you Ms Kay)

Client 2: My age, gorgeous and stylish, wearing a mixed animal print maxi dress and black shrug. Wanted a bit of wow, (but not to overpower mother of the bride) and to look and feel glamorous.
We decided against a full hat as it seemed to age rather than flatter.

Crin with a twist of pheasant
I hope the wedding goes well. Made me want to make some more now......

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