The beautiful man

The beautiful man

Monday, 27 August 2012


Whilst in the process of decorating I had to take a piece of framed textile down and was surprised when looking on the reverse to see I had made it 15 years ago. This created many trains of thought.

Felt piece made at Bankfield Museum 1997

I began my textiles journey when I moved to Yorkshire in 1996, initially in a morning adult education (remember the joys of those opportunities) then on a City & Guilds programme, I kept seeing pieces of felt and being eager to learn the process. I was fortunate to get a place on a weekend course at Bankfield Museum with renowned feltmaker Heather Belcher. A serendipitous time, June Hill was the curator at Bankfield at the time creating an innovative education programme and inspiring exhibitions. a great beginning on a new path.

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  1. Bankfield was great under June. Having inspiring art-led textile exhibitions, like Through the Surface, held so close was great. Shame it changed direction, but no doubt that now excites and inspires a different audience.