The beautiful man

The beautiful man

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Diploma presentation finished!!

My display 

Got to Manchester at 8am ready to set up the diploma stage  display,  treing to keep calm and not be too over zealous with putting work up.  (not doing a recruitment throwing s**t at the wall and hoping it will stick) thanks to Fiona, Polly, Sarah and Jane for ensuring I didn't.

My work was two exhibition proposals. No1: Needlewoman based on the Engels book and in particular the plight of the young girls involved in the lacemaking, millinery, shirtmaking and other garment manufacture. I hope that I created something to make people look again. It has generated a lot of ideas as to where i could take this idea into further work, whcih is exciting.

No 2: Working around the idea that accessories could generate narrative and question what it is that we are seeing or presenting to someone. So I photographed all my shoes, and gave them factual labels: looking at the idea of who denotes the values of objects. Photographs of Chesil Beach detritus, look sinister and using the perspex box to enclose the hat and bag with a range of definitions questions the notion of value further and hopefully makes people question what they see and what they are tld that they see.

So now fingers crossed I have passed and on to the last stage of the MA next deadline September 1st...

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