The beautiful man

The beautiful man

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Foray into Fine Art

After posting the excerpt from the Engels' book on the Working Class in Manchester in 1840's their plight and the circumstances of the lives of the needlewomen has been going round in my head. When i began the MA I felt very stuck as to how to express thoughts and ideas within work, I still am unsure so here are a few of my risks, constructive feedback most welcome, just be kind.........

The needlewomen would work a minimum of 15 hours a day, in busy times or less scrupulous workrooms they would have just 2 hours sleep a night. Working in poor light and in cramped conditions they often died young. I threaded the needles in the evening with a low light and no glasses.

Five hours from this to this......

I realise that the glove nods its existance to the Susie Macmurray Widow dress, which made me question whether it was appropriate to attempt. Having watched the Glasgow Boys documentary on BBC4 last night (highly recommend it) one sees that artists have always evolved from seeing others' work and often mimicking or taking another's technique as a means to try new working practice, is this any different. Also I want to pose questions with the work so questioning authenticity and value is as important as whether the work has resonance. We shall see presentation only 4 days away! I think i need to add pins to the back of the hand too though.

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