The beautiful man

The beautiful man

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Hat display

I have just taken down the hats from the first year students' display so felt it would be good to record the event on the blog and its often easier to critique from images than in reality as I tend to see the components as opposed to the overall form and effect. Using the dummies was purely serendipitous as they were there from displaying a series of tweed garments. We haven't used dummies before for the hats, just normally plinths and heads in the cube space, which fits to a standard display format. Unsure if you will look more closely if the pieces are displayed as above or whether in actual fact using the perspex vitrines in the Summer really made closer examination as you could get close and in context our systems inform us that the item will be precious therefore warrant our attention. Though I think this is far to simplistic and the way to assess whether dynamic displays are dynamic would be to try many different styles and approaches and gain feedback.

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