The beautiful man

The beautiful man

Thursday, 30 September 2010


Had the first workshop at Leeds City Museum with Roundhay School, quite daunting and nerve racking but a successful day. The work is supported by the V&A and their push to have design taught within schools, using museums as a key resource within this process. Spent the morning creating drawings from the Heroes and Heroines exhibition and the afternoon doing a series of design work shops to show the potential for design within headwear and how you develop ideas. Working with Secondary and Primary schools is always so inspiring as the questions and ideas come with few preconceived beliefs.

What was also exciting were the range of head wear that was brought in as inspiration as well. Both the 1930's hats from Textiles and the Nigerian caps from the Other Cultures section. I love being in museums and it was particularly great to be there at 8.30 before anyone else.

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