The beautiful man

The beautiful man

Monday, 27 September 2010

Trip to London

Off to fill my head with as much as possible in as short a time.

Arrived in London at lunchtime, did 10 exhibitions before bedtime, bliss.

Went to Kings Place which is near the station to see photography exhibition at Guardian, photographs by Murdo Macleod. Whose work i have always admired in the Guardan and Observer, some stunning images and some quite creepy ones in particular Mr Blair.
Then next door to the Kings Place Gallery ostensibly to see the Cape Farewell exhibition, I had listened to David Buckland talk at MMU in July and it had really inspired me and is highly unsettling that people aren't hearing the demise of our planet. Lemn Sissay's piece is outstanding I am unsure how to add a live link so please look for the link below as it is breathtaking.

There was also a David Bailey sculpture and photography exhibition, interesting the prices a  piece of work can command if the individual is world renowned. The photographs of skulls were stunning but  £12,000. He did have some red squirrels so that was perfect for the research work. Not the greatest photos though, sorry.


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