The beautiful man

The beautiful man

Friday, 10 September 2010

"You don't miss the water until the well runs dry"

Day at MMU

Went to Manchester to listen to the seminar on the visit made to China earlier this year. To make the most of the day I continued my search for taxidermy for my context presentation. First stop Manchester Art Gallery, on asking "Does the gallery have any pieces using taxidermy?" "Oh yes the frog's in the doll's house in the Craft Gallery"!! Yes there are a family of frogs in a doll's house in a tableau form,  very little information just the date it was made and that it was English.

I had intended then to see the real taxidermy at Manchester Museum but the Manchester rain and a broken umbrella dissuaded me so I went to the  Special Collections where an excellent exhibition is on called Pairings. Collaborations of 32 artists, textiles/ceramics, illustrators, glass makers etc. some very stunning work and inciteful to see the possibilities of practice and exhibition.

Interviewed Steph the curator at Special Collections about labeling and the process a curator follows to inform the viewer, key to the context work. Indulged in some artist's books too.

Went to listen to the talk about the China trip, it sounded wonderful and their exhibition "Power of Copying" was very good and a real feat as the space was vast and they could only take over so much work, considering my college is insisting that we look for international links it would be such a benefit and enriching as well. Next plan.

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