The beautiful man

The beautiful man

Monday, 27 September 2010

The Enchanted Palace

Kensington Palace has an exhibition on whilst 'they have the builders in'. I had heard great things about the exhibition and wasn't disappointed in the slightest except that you couldn't take pictures and there isn't a good book of the exhibition but those are my only quibbles, it was wonderful. I won't divulge any more in case anyone makes it down. Some excellent curating and creating moods and ideas.
Then for the science bit of the day off to the Science Museum as there was an identity exhibition on organised by Wellcome. Exceptional.
More stuffed creatures.

Lunch at Victoria and Albert Museum then a guided tour round Highgate Cemetery, what more can one ask.


  1. I totally agree with you on the lack of a good book/catalogue about the exhibition; I went in August and thought it was fantastic, but have since spent a lot of time online trying to source some good images.

    I loved the 'Room of Dancing Princesses' so much that I wanted to move in!

  2. I could just see you in the dancing princess room. Hope your body is recovering to enable you to do the dancing.