The beautiful man

The beautiful man

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Day at Bankfield Museum

Last year the City & Guilds group created Millinery Miscellany. an exhibition showing the variety and possibility of what us milliners can create. It was a popular exhibition and the museum curators were really pleased which was fantastic, even more so for me to have many dreams fulfilled in one go. (I fell in love with the museum when I first came to Halifax, 14 years ago, and June Hill the then curator inspired me to explore the many possibilities of textiles, first being a felt making course with Heather Belcher).

Miriam Scargall the curator has created a proposal to do another exhibition around the historic millinery collection, Miriam and I looked through the collection and chose a selection of headwear from 1860-1960. Miriam kindly got the hats out for myself and several students to examine, photograph and draw to use as a starting point for new work to be created for October. There are many possibilities of what we can create and no limitations, which often can be too broad a starting point so we will need to work together with ideas and support the work that we design and manufacture.  

All images shown courtesy of Calderdale Museums and Library Services  

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  1. I had a lovely morning there, so thank you for inviting me, the hats were gorgeous and gave me lots of food for thought :)