The beautiful man

The beautiful man

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Swan Lake

Good friday spent grappling with the paperwork for my MA learning record and getting more confused and panicked on the way. So i went back to reading my notes from the beginning and had a minor eureka moment, when looking at Barbara Rawlinson's notes and realising that I need to find a clearer question. As I have traversed from one idea to another and one book to another I have lost the actual perspective of what I am trying to find out and what is feasible to find out as opposed to thinking that I can tackle all thought processes and ideas NOW! So clarity of question really, something sparked by the first group meeting when I said i did millinery and the tutor leading the work mentioned hats for the races, red rag to a bull really. I quietly think that my work is more than that and that hats can be more than that and yet I am not really developing the strategy clearly enough or shouting loudly and succinctly that the hat is a viable and variable medium. So the question -Are hats only for the races? Can millinery work in other platforms?

Well to be mulled over for a day or two. Went to see Mathew Bourne's Swan lake at the Alhambra, Bradford and it brought to the point even more the importance of hats in creating illusion, spectacle and defining character in film, ballet, theatre so why not art.

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