The beautiful man

The beautiful man

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Hat Works Presentation

As mentioned in an earlier post, I was invited to judge the inaugural hat competition, on 20th April the museum held an evening for the 20 finalists in amateur and professional classes, and what a wonderful evening it was!!! (Just realised that it sounds like I have a very glam existence which is not the case, I have been really lucky over the last few months)

The museum sent us all off into three groups for an evening exploring the museum. First up was looking at the hat exhibitions and the interesting recycled pieces that they are showing at the moment.

Next was the wonderful catwalk showing all 20 of the finalists. I really enjoyed it, the hats came down first and then again with a description about the designer and the inspiration which worked brilliantly an idea that I'd love to use myself.

Finally it was a visit to the workshop area, Ruth and I sneaked off as we had done that part a few times before. Then I had the scary job of presenting the prizes to the winners, I felt very sick and was unsure that any words would come out of my mouth never mind the right ones! Also the nerves about disappointing 18 people in the room. So the winners were.....Professional Runner up-Lorna Muir. Winner-Molly Bunce
             Amateur Runner up-Judith Flack. Winner - Laura Ann Scott
Much clapping and a few sad faces, role on two years time when at the moment the museum thinks they will run it again. The exhibition opens June 9th until Christmas.

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