The beautiful man

The beautiful man

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Another day..........

Opening Night LCA Exhibition

Mad panic day as ever thankfully booked of Huddersfield work.

Began by forcing tree trunks into my car, and lugging them into college, grappling with prizing the lid off a plinth to insert them and then doing pruning to ensure Health & Safety covered, then deciding if it was going to work or not before I began painting them white..........

Laser cutting names on mount board, courtesy of the fabulously helpful woodwork technicians.

Collecting decals for the floor.

Forcing shredded paper in perspex plinths to see if it would work hamster bedding and hats! It didn't so back to tissue paper.

Scrubbing floors, sticking up blurbs, rubbing decals on the floor, getting concerned expressions from maintenance, tidying up. The time until 6pm went ridiculously fast, which was perfect as I had no time to think. The girls work looked amazing and feel like a proud mum again. Excellent feedback from visitors.

The decals worked brilliantly I would definitely do this again, maybe with their names next time.


  1. Wow - this looks amazing - I must try and get to see it. You must have worked your socks off - I don't know how you fit it all in xx

  2. WOWee Mrs S am totally blown away it looks REALLY good! congrats to you and all the students