The beautiful man

The beautiful man

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Whitwell and vintage patterns

June 11th
Shappo Hats is closing down so brought over silks and vintage patterns for sale some really gorgeous 1930's and 40's patterns, so all these items getting me into the idea of making soft hats once again.

Also a weekend away in the camper van as it was my turn to take Connor off racing only a short hop away to Rutland for the weekend, I had forgotten how blissful it was to be in the camper and do everything on a small scale, still not able to read normal books busy exploring more feminism and fashion, maybe this is the path forward.

Connor did really well and finally managed to succeed in the Rutland Marathon and won it for his sail size, maybe it was the millinery by design advert on the sponsored t-shirt,  not really, he is very focused to getting the result he wants.

This was all the chilled calm before the storm of more GCSE's for both boys, though Connor finished on Wednesday and John had his dissertation to present and hand in, me just pending results and the end of year show to get up............

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