The beautiful man

The beautiful man

Saturday, 19 June 2010


Amazing to walk round the corner at Earl's Court to see Beth Hirst's hat on a huge bill board promoting UCLan degrees. The hat had been in Beth's final year collection of the HNC last year and she had used it in a styling shoot with one of their students. She is having an amazing week also just finding out that she made it to the last 12 of the Who wants to be a Milli-naire Royal Ascot competition.

Went to see the college stand was good but I wonder when they will begin to take it to the next level as some of the other colleges do, must be very daunting for the Fashion team. Some really strong college collections though, loved the shoes at de Montford and the fabric textures at Newport, Edinburgh and Northumbria are always the high point from me and didn't disappoint as the work is always innovative, exciting and highly polished.

Lunch at Brompton Road Cemetery lots of creatures trying to share lunch, the crows were seriously cool though.

The River Island style stand was really interesting and followed the ideas that I had had for Bankfield Museum of  style gallery to capture the way people look a little like the different street style blogs. Would be good to do in college just need some prepping.
After collecting loads of leaflets went over to Somerset House to see the Martin Margiela exhibition very very inspiring. Holistic, exciting beautifully conceptual and exquisitely made, fashion for snobbish intellectuals only those in the know comprehend the meaning of what is being done, the perfect paradox and interpretation of fashion identities. Wonderful. 

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