The beautiful man

The beautiful man

Sunday, 27 June 2010


A slightly manic day of teaching and ensuring that the first year's were ok and excited by the prospect of the 2nd year, I pray that i achieved this. A visit from the Sales manager of a hat company to talk through whether any of the graduating students would be able to do freelance work for them, I contemplated it myself for a nano second then realised that the prospect of cut and sew was far too traumatic, unless I went and did some tailoring.

Then went to Leeds City Museum to meet with a curator about a potential project with  a new exhibition opening next month. Similar idea to the Revivals workshop, which is exciting as one of the requirements is a day of cpd at the V&A my idea of heaven! Also good for my battered esteem, the curator mentioned that she had been talking to the other curators and mine was the first on their list as a potential contact and that if she could get me that would be perfect, thank you..........

Still got some more great feedback as to the girls exhibition none from my boss yet, need to tour round the rest of the college.

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