The beautiful man

The beautiful man

Saturday, 19 June 2010

London 07.06.

7am train never a great way to start the day but very excited anyway. My yearly trip to Kensington & Chelsea and Graduate Fashion Week, never sure what to expect but added bonus that I get to meet Agsie before getting the train home.

Tube to Chelsea and the walk to the college,  hats as sublime and interesting as ever, not so daunting as i have felt in the past but still streets ahead of what I can inspire others to do and what I can do in some cases. Kirsten's strength really is in developing the students design potential and where they can take the ideas of headwear with some really exciting concepts to start the process. They hadn't put the biogs up, two of the girls that i spoke with mentioned their themes and they ranged from the development of Narcssus to a muse buried in Brompton Grove Cemetery. Beautiful work. Though I also think that my girls have managed it this year to with their own constraints.

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