The beautiful man

The beautiful man

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Book Treat

I was lucky to get an amazon gift voucher for my birthday so treated myself to some books for my work, as you do.
One is often tentative even after reading the reviews, as to the success of books that one hasn't had the joy of leafing through in a book shop. I already knew the Creating Sketchbooks from getting it out of the library and it hasn't disappointed just been a bit daunting when reading properly and seeing my colleague from the MA Sarah Burgess's sketches within, wow, even more daunted as to my drawing skills, maybe need some master classes.
Sarah Burgess-Images from moving vaparetto

The Drawing from Life is brilliant- quick 3 minute reading a really broad range of ideas and examples of how people use journals, so less daunting and encouraging as I begin the journal for the withdrawn book.

The final book does take some thinking and concentration though I realise that I  am not a natural book maker and have to be shown the process and follow a few times, the instructions from the book are fairly clear i just need a clear mind and desk. Which is where I better get back to.

Final pile of books are the ones to begin my context work with.


  1. mmm, nice books, I want them. I like the look of your ones about objects, specially the one about arranging things! How's the tidying going!

  2. The arranging one is the one I have read cover to cover and is very good. Tidying... Piano clear and polished. Dining table slightly bowed under weight of items from piano.