The beautiful man

The beautiful man

Friday, 16 July 2010

College day

Tutorial to try and work out my context work and I hate to speak too soon but I maybe on a path that's good and fits with my work and the books that I just got out on Art & Artefact and Museum as Muse!!  Some of the time in the tutorial I felt a little out of my depth the tutor's knowledge is at a different level totally to mine, yet somehow the garbled stuff that I emitted made sense to then be developed into ideas onto looking at an object and how we create its context depending on where it is viewed or how it is viewed. So my first challenge is to look at what the object will be and then look to its range of potential contexts and the theoretical aspects to this. Sounds straightforward but then it has to be brought together in an all singing all dancing 20 minute presentation which will get me 20 credits for the Masters aaaagh.

Then had the outrage within the group that Hannah Lamb's work had been stolen from the space it was in for testing time, awful.

Having met the curator for the special collections at MMU at the V&A I realised that I was missing out on some great opportunities available to me because I hadn't the courage to just go in for fear of looking silly because I didn't have anything specific to look at. Which mirrors how those not used to going into museums and galleries feel, if you don't have the experience to model you are tentative. A wonderful hour and a half just browsing the artists books which has opened up a raft of ideas for working with the book from the withdrawn books project.

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