The beautiful man

The beautiful man

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Leeds vip night

Amidst marking and timetabling wandered round the Leeds College of Art show as even though one is in the building all year you actually don't get to see what the other courses do, so i find it really exciting and fascinating to see how courses develop. I didn't have a favourite exhibition this year there were to many close contenders and obviously millinery came out top!!! Lots of very good inspiring work, here are just a few.....

BA Graphic Design

funny that they all have food in!

BA Visual Communications

BA Interdisciplinary Art
There was some really strong pieces in this exhibition that resonated with my thoughts on what to do with my hat work.

BA Printed Textiles: I asked permission to take pics as one wasn't supposed to.  I wanted to capture some of the bird imagery.

BA Fine Art - In true neanderthal way I did feel that I needed text explanations for quite a few of these exhibits, which whilst exploring the whys and wherefores of signage and labeling in the MA made me smile wryly as however one may think one has some concept of visual language it often needs a helping hand. There were some exciting ideas.

BA Photography

BA Fashion

Finally thank you to my wonderful Millinery students for being such an amazing group of talented individuals who worked so well as a group and produced such a fabulous exhibition. Thank you for a lovely thank you gift also.

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