The beautiful man

The beautiful man

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Photographic workshop

MMU - It was the last day of testing time and I had intended to attend the Master class talk in the morning by Emily Mennersdahl and then listen to the MA graduates in the afternoon. The morning talk was really interesting not least Emily's range of residencies and suddenly you see that you don't need to be boxed in to one format of work, Jacqueline Butler who runs the photography course invited Jane and I to be part of the workshop in the afternoon working with alternative photography processes, so we had a quick induction into the dark room and had a really enlightening workshop the results below.

There is so much potential with the process as you don't need a dark room for the sepia coloured pieces and the chemicals are fairly straightforward. Have the idea to take some of my historic hat images and create negatives and use these to form a book.......

On the book front we got talking to Jacquie and she mentioned that they had a library of withdrawn books and she was doing a research project on these where a selection of books that MMU library was going to pulp they have wrapped in brown paper and a group of students and staff have these books and are asked to use it to create something new with or from the book and record the process. Our excitement and interest was obvious and kindly Jacquie invited us to join the project. Here is my brown paper parcel.

I chose it because it was light weight and portrait also the number it was the only one left that had a 7 in.

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