The beautiful man

The beautiful man

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Feltmakers Design Award 2012

A year seems to fly by in the world of millinery and it is the time of year for millinery students to be pitted against each other in the annual Worshipful Company Of Feltmakers  Design Competition. The competition this year is to be overseen by the Queen's milliner Rachel Trevor-Morgan and Philip Wright of Walter Wright Ltd it will be exciting to see the finalists hats.

This year having been away from Leeds my highly skilled colleague and friend Sue Carter has been facilitating the manufacture and design of the first year milliners hats for the Feltmakers along with the very talented Fiona Wilson. So it has been very exciting coming in in the frantic last hours and packing all the hats away for collection today. When I interviewed the present first years back in the Summer I knew that they had something special in store and judging by their work my intuition was right, really exciting and quite sad at the same time knowing that the HNC Millinery course will close. Need to think of new ideas to keep inspiring new milliners.

Boxes of precious cargo - hats

A few sneaky peaks wouldn't want to give anything away, keep following and when the competition is judged I can share all.

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  1. Good luck to everyone! Hope we have a winner this year.