The beautiful man

The beautiful man

Friday, 17 February 2012

New Books

Teaching can be a mix of highs and the occasional low, my students are really inspiring and I learn so much from them is a definite plus point as is the opportunity to review books and then get to keep them! Books are often my raison d'etre or comfort blanket - all will be alright if you have a gorgeous art & design text book! So when I was phoned in work today to say that a package had arrived for me and on opening it there were two new books, wow a brilliant way to end the week.
Fashion Design Course:Accessories - Jane Schaffer & Sue Saunders

 Each time I had reviewed books of late I had asked for a book on accessories/millinery, (in the vain hope that someone may ask me to help write one!) so the lovely people at Thames and Hudson on getting one written sent me a copy to look at. I was a little wary, bags, shoes and millinery in 250 pages but its a really excellent book with lots of interesting nuances about design in accessories, developing commercial collections, working with leather etc. the millinery is basic yet there are some new approaches and stitch diagrams great for teaching guides and those new to millinery. On sale for £16.95 if you have a birthday coming up.

I was also sent the up dated version of Fashion Design Drawing, a book I have used for teaching for the last 5 years as it is really well put together. The new book has some excellent digital research and ideas again a great book.


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    1. Have you requested some inspection copies yet? There is a good Textile Design book from Thames & Hudson x