The beautiful man

The beautiful man

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Out of one's comfort zone

Stephen Jones Showstudio pattern - piecing together

Laid on taffeta silk

In the guise on New Year, new ideas and new skills, I was intrigued when reading a travel report in the Guardian (as ever) from comedian and writer Miranda Hart and her resolution in 2011 to do something out of her comfort zone every day. (She was writing about sea kayaking in Turkey something she would never normally do) I had read of this concept before, a good way to keep you more alert and to create new trains of creative thought and the more new things you try the less worried you become of the next new thing....Something quite important for me at the moment.

So Cut & Sew hats are not my most favourite thing so challenge for today is to try the Stephen Jones pattern on showstudio. So its all cut out and tacked the completed piece to be shown tomorrow.

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