The beautiful man

The beautiful man

Sunday, 5 February 2012

That Stephen Jones Hat......

So I did say I would have the hat completed from the Stephen Jones pattern, courtesy of Show Studio 48 hours ago but a few other things got in the way - I went to Birmingham and have shared the wonders of that exhibition......

Anyway the Mark 1 version is now complete, really its my toile but in taffeta silk courtesy of James Hare Silks yearly end of roll sale as opposed to calico, to ensure that i understood and got  sense of how it would hold itself.

I have really enjoyed doing the piece as I have learned some new techniques. I love the way that he creates a head fitting or stand as he calls it a really useful process. the pattern instructions are not perfect for someone like me who definitely needs visuals, so when I make up the next one I will photo document the process. This pattern has such great potential for redesigning and altering, I declined to add the bow, (speed) and added a faux brooch which O like but would need some more stiffening behind where it was added. So much potential, new ideas so we shall see where they end up....

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  1. looks great! think i prefer yours to his. haha x