The beautiful man

The beautiful man

Sunday, 19 February 2012


Fashion Week is upon us once again and I was thrilled a few weeks ago to learn that one of the milliners I had managed to get involved in The Finishing Touch exhibition Mr William Chambers was to be included in this year's London Fashion Week Headonism show curated by Mr Stephen Jones. I have long admired the quirky yet wearable style of William Chambers work, so its great to see him getting more coverage.
Crystal Explosion - William Chambers

So this piece you can see in the flesh at Hat Works, Stockport until May along with the gorgeous felt and leather fur cone hat from the curator himself Stephen Jones, it is in the Feather trims case and is a donation to the museum.
Stephen Jones fur cone hat
Other milliners in the Headonism exhibition include Piers Atkinson, Noel Stewart and the wondrous Mr Justin Smith esq whose work is always challenging new thoughts and ideas and highly inspiring. All showing that British millinery is intriguing, vibrant and always eclectic. My only concern on the selection was that there were no female milliners in the shortlist this year, lets hope that is different in the future. Milliners like Zara Gorman, Emma Yeo, Karen Henriksen do offer some challenging and exciting pieces too.

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