The beautiful man

The beautiful man

Thursday, 23 February 2012

H'Atelier at Hat Works

Former Leeds College of Art student Jen Scott-Russell of H’Atelier Millinery will be taking over the What’s Hot cases at Hat Works from the 28th February with her inspiring hats.

H'atelier’s bespoke millinery creations have graced the heads of many a discerning lady and been used by stylists, fashion designers, photographers, hat hire shops, hairstylists, film and TV companies to create that perfect stylish look. Traditional methods are used alongside innovative new techniques to produce hats and headpieces for a whole range of clients and occasions. Each one is striking, unique and impeccably made.
Actress Katherine Kelly as seen at The Royal Wedding of Zara Phillips to Mike Tindall

Just one step inside the studio of H’atelier and meeting the enigmatic designer Jen Scott-Russell one is instantly swept away in the magic of millinery and its potential to transform

Jen Scot-Russell in her studio
Hat heaven in the H'Atelier Showroom

Another peak in to the divine showroom

Jen is something of a crusading zealot on the subject of hats -"There is no-one who would not look better for wearing the right hat", she says (often) ... and she really means it. Enjoy perusing her hats in the What’s Hot cases and you too may be tempted.


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