The beautiful man

The beautiful man

Thursday, 19 July 2012

A trip to Manchester

I was fortunate to go to Manchester for a training morning last month, looking at how objects in museums and every day life tell stories and enable history and ideas to be remembered. It was fascinating, looking at how a box of Kellogs Cornflakes could link back to the oldest horse, whose skull is in the museum, I will let you mull on that one. How as someone involved in museums or exhibitions can create new lateral ways to tell stories with objects. Something i loved as ever is being behind the scenes in a museum, there is that spark of wanting to find out more.

Inuit sealgut coat (kamleika)-pre 1925

a waterproof layer that would be worn over a seal skin coat

This was a really fascinating garment as it was practical, beautifully made, perfect design.

Couldn't resist the taxidermy!

Every time i see the garden at Manchester Museum I covet it.
loved these - just near Victoria Station, really made me smile

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