The beautiful man

The beautiful man

Monday, 16 July 2012

Kensington & Chelsea End of Year Show

If I hadn't had children and lived down South I would have attended KCC or aspired to, Kirsten may not have accepted me. Each year when I visit the end of year show I am inspired. The collections are well developed and show a high attention to research and manufacture, there is always something that leaves me excited and realising that millinery will always create something new. This year was no exception, in the new Hortensia Road building the exhibition space didn't have the same grandeur as the high ceiling room of old but the work didn't disappoint.

Beth Simpson (Lady Go Red)

Holly Gaiman (Holly Gaiman Millinery)

Kate Hughes (Kate Minola)

Jane Bailey

Myriam Lengline (La Dame au beret)

Rosanna Gould (Rosanna Gould Millinery)

Jo Miller (Milliner London)

Detail-Jo Miller (Milliner London)

Carmen Amander

Margaret O'Connor (Magasilk Millinery)


  1. Hello Sharon, thank you for your post! I hope you don't mind, but here are the Kensington & Chelsea HNC/HND millinery graduates who are featured (from top to bottom): Beth Simpson (Lady Go Red); Holly Gaiman (Holly Gaiman Millinery); Kate Hughes (Kate Minola); Jane Bailey; Myriam Lengliné (La dame au béret); Rosanna Gould (Rosanna Gould Millinery); Jo Miller (MILLINER LONDON); Carmen Arnander; Margaret O'Connor (Magosilk Millinery). Thanks again!

  2. Hi Mya, thank you, i did feel bad about not putting the names on i had left my notebook in work so was remiss in my labelling. best wishes sharon x