The beautiful man

The beautiful man

Saturday, 14 July 2012

An Interlude at the Victoria and Albert

I had hoped to interview the fantastical J Smith Esquire on Friday morning but sadly he was called away to work on a film so I had some time to spend in London before my next interview with Rachel Trevor-Morgan. As ever I am drawn to the wonders of the Victoria and Albert Museum, though I has forgotten that it was half term so my aspiration to visit the Ballgown exhibition were scuppered as the queue for tickets was nearly out of the door!

Justin Smith's studio  

The fashion court has now been re-opened and it has some wonderful curation as well as some exquisite hats. The look of the fashion gallery is very different which definitely makes you look that bit closer at the objects.

A peak into the Gown exhibition as images were shone onto the alcoves

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