The beautiful man

The beautiful man

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Thank you - A humbling moment

I have been fortunate enough to teach in millinery and textiles for the last 12 years, sometimes the reason that I do this gets marred by bureaucracy, tiredness and trying to fight to prove how important my discipline is.

Today the reality of why I do love teaching and why its important was once again brought into focus. One of those moments that you need to remember when its the middle of winter and you are creating an exhibition of student work on your own or when your course gets closed down. A student who spent a year with me called by the college to say thank you, thanking me for inspiring her when she was at her lowest point and enabling her to change her path. Such sentiments are truly humbling and sometimes we can lose sight of this or forget those teachers who did just that for us. (Mine was my 'A' level English teacher who introduced me to the poems of William Blake).

Another former student spoke to me last week with the words 'Thank you, you changed my life, and I wouldn't be doing what I am doing without your support and belief' There isn't much you can say to that, just cherish and use it to stoke the fire when the motivation is ebbing to keep fighting for the craft that does affect and inspire so many.

A truly amazing thank you gift x Thank you.

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  1. Wow, that is wonderful. Makes things worth while.