The beautiful man

The beautiful man

Friday, 27 July 2012

Next Stage of the Exhibition Process

Not the new exhibit, just more preparation.

Setting up Hot Heads was an exciting process, daunting in that we didn't have all the hats! Being on the phone to one of the designer's PR's to check for the arrival of the hats, to be told that they were about to be selected and could we send a car to collect them, (from London)! Was definitely a surreal moment, especially when working so well with other designers. All a very interesting learning curve.

What shall we put where?
 We had quite a few of the hats, just three designers absent. Good to evaluate afterwards as to how to do it better next time and manage the process in a different way.  Yet there will always be personalities to deal with.
so much to do

Karen Henriksen box of stunning headwear

A fascinating opportunity to look at other people's work

Working out the best cases for the work - Zara Gorman

Zara Gorman - sculptured wood

Checking the locations for Edwina Ibbotson

Close up of rolled fine straw flower - Rachel Trevor-Morgan

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